Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions and answers.  Please feel free to submit your questions by filling out form.  We look forward to answering them!

What does a membership give me?
The membership gives you full access to all content in the website, monthly webinars and a discounted price on The Tefilla Project Curriculum
What is included in the curriculum?
The curriculum includes a full description of The Tefilla Project model and philosophy, a step by step process that will enable you to implement that model in your group setting, and enables you to follow up with any questions, comments or concerns with Rabbi Tal. The curriculum includes written matieral as well as instructional videos. The curriculum will be ready by June 30th, 2016
What value does The Tefilla Project really give me as an educator?
As an educator we all multi-task and take on a lot in order to excel at our jobs. The Tefilla Project specializes in issues relating directly to Tefilla in group settings, both formal and informal, and can be used as a vital resource to reference other Tefilla initiatives in the Jewish world, success stories, problem solving and ongoing support from Rabbi Tal for your group.
How can I book a consultation with Rabbi Tal?
Just email ariel@thetefillaproject.com and Rabbi Tal will respond and set up an appointment with you. Please give Rabbi Tal up to 48 hours to respond
Who is The Tefilla Project staff?
Rabbi Ariel Tal is the founder and chief facilitator, with a strong background in both personal coaching and education. Amy Wong is CEO of Net Directives Inc. and is the business and website manager of the Tefilla Project. Rabbi Tal is based in Jerusalem, and Amy is based in Toronto, Canada

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